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This article is a little long, so I’ve broken it up into 3 parts of about 20 minutes each. That should make it easier for you to read and digest the science involved. Take your time. Re-read each word if you have to, but make sure you fully understand the information. Your life depends on it.

Some parts are repetitive, but only because this lifesaving material is scientific and new to you. As you know, repetition is vital to comprehending new concepts. Eventually you’ll come to understand the importance of fortifying your immune system and how doing so will keep you healthy for the rest of your life. This is the information you’ve been looking for. Please read it thoroughly.

You can read one part a day or the whole article at once. All that matters is that you have a better understanding on how your immune system ‘works’ and how to keep it 100% strong, disease-resistant and working hard to keep YOU healthy.

If you ignore the reality that your immune system needs help, you’ll get sick and die earlier than you should. I know that doesn’t sound nice, but the scientific evidence tells us that you need a strong immune system, operating at full capacity, to keep you healthy and disease-resistant.

This is done by simply feeding your body 3 special nutrients every day. In abundant numbers, these nutrients provide optimum defense against bacteria, viruses and other agents that enter your body ready to cause suffering. So it makes sense that for them to be wiped out, you must be prepared to strike first. 

Living healthier and longer is tied directly to having these nutrients. Not having enough of them will cause you grief. You’ll soon learn how to get those nutrients and live happier. 

Of course, not everyone will take advantage of this invaluable knowledge… only people, like yourself, who have a deep desire to live longer and healthier. That’s why you’re here. By the end of this article you’ll come to realize that improving your immune system to 100% is your best chance to survive disease.

For your sake and for those who love you, I hope you take this action as soon as possible. So with that said, I’m proud of you, for taking this vital step to a better and longer life. Apply what you learn here and you will. Welcome to our healthy family. Let’s begin…



First, you must recognize the fact that your immune system is weakimages (17) and not as strong as it used to be. You may think it’s working fine because you’re alive… but the truth is that your immune system is slowly declining and hasn’t been at full capacity for years or even decades.

It’s getting weaker and not protecting you the way it should. So you need to make it stronger if you’re going to have a better chance of reaching a healthy old age.

In order for your body to become more disease-resistant, your immune system must be at 100%. That means that every cell in your body must contain a special nutrient we all create inside our cells… GLUTATHIONE (gloo-ta-thigh-own). 

This strange sounding nutrient is the only one in your body that helps your cells stay disease-resistant and healthy. An unhealthy cell has no glutathione and will be defenseless against illness. And that’s where the danger lies… any cell lacking glutathione won’t be a strong cell, won’t be able to defend itself against bacteria, viruses or other pathogens and will be at risk of infection. So you’ll definitely need it if you’re going to make it.

The problem is that you can’t make enough of it because food quality is so poor and can’t provide the amino acids necessary to create sufficient quantities of glutathione. So you’ll need a supplement that will enable your body to produce it for all your cells. This is the only way to improve your immune system and take it to FULL CAPACITY.

It does this by giving your cells the 3 amino acids needed to create glutathione. Without these amino acids, it will be impossible for your body to create new glutathione for all your cells. This will cause your health to decline further and remain in a state of glutathione deficiency  or one below 100%. Every cell must contain glutathione for your body to operate at full capacity.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in good health or poor, young or old. The bottom line is that your glutathione is declining and you’re not 100%. You need to do something about it by giving yourself a supplement that will boost your immune system to full capacity. And since you’ve been glutathione deficient for such a long time, you’ll need it as soon as possible. This is a life and death matter that shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly.

Not improving your immune system will lead to suffering and dying earlier than you should. This is plain biology, my friend… and it will happen, much sooner than later. So, doesn’t it make sense to improve your health and live longer? Of course it does, but most people won’t, for one reason or another… not until the day when they find out they’re ready to die, and wished they had taken better care of their immune system. By that time, it will be too late.

images (11)Improving your immune system just by giving it these 3 amino acids will be the smartest and most important health decision you’ll ever make. It will determine how long the rest of your life will be and how healthy you’ll live it.       

You can say,I want to be healthy, beat disease and live longer,” but these things happen only when you make sure that every cell contains glutathione. And you can only produce enough glutathione when you have enough of the 3 specific amino acids in your body.

Without these nutrients, you won’t be able to produce enough glutathione and you’ll be a sitting duck. Not having glutathione for each of your cells will leave your immune system below 100% and billions of cells exposed to danger.

You can help your immune system maintain full capacity but it’s not automatic. You have to work at it every day, by feeding it what it needs to stay healthy and strong. Only sickness and diseases are automatic. They barge in without invitation…

But you could stop them as soon as they show up…


howThe solution to a healthier, stronger immune system is a simple, natural supplement that’s takes only a few minutes to prepare and consume. It’s affordable, safe and unique in the scientific way it gives you the 3 amino acids you need, to empower your immune system to become 100% healthy and strong. This isn’t all that complicated. You take it, your body’s happy and you get to live healthier. 

This isn’t hype… it’s science. The effectiveness of this supplement is validated, not only by the hundreds of thousands who use it every day, but also by two prestigious and reputable medical publications offering solid verifiable proof, and consulted by medical authorities everywhere on a daily basis, the CPS and the PDR… more on that later.

So, if you’re serious about staying healthy and disease-resistant, it makes sense to give yourself these 3 amino acids. It’s your best chance to grow older in a healthy body. Otherwise, you’ll remain weak and vulnerable to diseases.

Your best opportunity to create a healthy body and give yourself the strongest, most effective immune system on the planet. And peace of images (19)mind, knowing that it’s working for you 100% of the time

Everything presented here is supported by over 120,000 scientific studies and documented by PubMed and the National Institutes of Health, part of the US Department of Health. It’s an established medical fact, that you must improve your immune system to 100% if you want to live long and healthy.

Living healthier and longer will give you more time to do things you love to do. Like spending more time with family and friends, picnics, concerts, traveling, enjoying retirement or whatever you feel like doing… healthy… not stuck in a wheelchair, bed, nursing home or stoned on medication.

Only about 2% of the population reach their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s in pretty good shape. They had the good fortune to be born with super strong immune systems. The rest of us weren’t so lucky and need some help to get there. 

Millions do get ‘there’ anyway, thanks to machines and drugs, but they barely function on a healthy level. They live in pain and discomfort, making it impossible for them to enjoy their ‘golden years.’ That’s not ‘living.’

"hanging on for dear life"

“hanging on for dear life”

They’re miserable… lifeless… just hanging on… and feel like a burden to their families. Many give up and wait for the Grim Reaper to come and take them away from their pain… and family. It’s a sad way to live… and sad to see.

You’re on this site, so obviously, that’s not what you want for yourself. You rather live healthy, longer and enjoy your ‘golden years but in order to do so, you’ll need a lot of glutathione. To make a lot of it, you’ll need plenty of the right amino acids. And to get those amino acids you need a reliable supplement that gives them to you. Simple enough…

Science has proven with over 120,000 clinical studies that 98% of the world need ‘high levels’ of glutathione to keep their immune systems super strong and effective. The alternative is sickness and an early grave. Having the strongest defense system is your best chance to stay healthy. 

Unfortunately, your body can’t create enough glutathione due to the poor quality of your diet. It falls short of providing you with the nutrients your body needs and will cause your health to weaken as you age. But it shouldn’t have to, because strengthening your immune system is now as easy as 1-2-3 as you’ll soon learn.

Your immune system is a complex and essential part of you. It’s your lifesaver… it’s job is to protect you from stress, germs, viruses, toxins, cancerous and synthetic chemicals, metals and other dangerous contaminants in your food, water and air.

It does it very well, but over the years, your immune system becomes worn down because it hasn’t received enough of the “right stuff” (the 3 amino acids) to remain 100% strong. It can’t stay at full capacity, becomes less effective and glutathione deficient. There’s a constant assault on the immune system and sooner or later, it becomes overwhelmed by illness. The gate is broken and wham-o, the suffering begins…

download (5)But give it credit. It’s been working all this time to keep you alive, on the little resources you give it. Those resources are the 3 amino acids you get from nutrition… the same amino acids that bind together inside your cells to create glutathione. But you need enough glutathione to go around or billions of cells will be left unprotected. Hence the reason for supplementation.

Since you can’t get enough of these amino acids from food, it becomes impossible for your body to create glutathione for all your cells. This will create a dangerous gap in your defense and drop you beneath 100%. It’s a powder keg waiting to blow up.

You need to have glutathione in every cell. The ones that don’t are vulnerable to illness and disease. Once an unprotected cell gets attacked, it could mark the beginning of a long illness. Who wants that? It’s up to you to make sure that each cell get their amino acids every day.  It’s not going to come from food.

Remember, these amino acids are absolutely necessary for your health, since they combine to form glutathione. It’s not going to come from food. Only from a reliable supplement. I’ll show you how later, but first…

Do you know why the immune system of a 50 year old is much weaker than that of a 20 year old… or why older people get sick more often than younger ones… very simple…


You need it to stay healthy, resist disease and stay alive, especially if you’re over 50, but you’re not getting enough amino acids from your diet, so “waddaya gonna do?” Edward_g_robinson

“I tell you wha you gonna do. Ya gonna take a supplement and give ya body da amino acids ya need to create mo’ glutathione. That’s wha you gonna do. Capeesh?”


In fact, it’s what you need to do since the food supply can’t. It’s important to realize that you need these amino acids in every cell. When they’re inside each and every cell, your immune system will be transformed to become more powerful, resilient, effective and 100%. These 3 amino acids are truly the secret to a healthy life…

 A strong immune system is
your best friend because it allows you to live healthier. Living healthier makes a happier you and puts you at ease, knowing that your system is at 100% and fully protected from “Germs and the Gang.”

On the other hand, a weak immune system lets you get sick, suffer and die. That’s not a friend… nor a good future. There’re just too many diseases out there waiting for you… you need to take action. It takes only one to ruin your life. So wake up! YOUR… IMMUNE… SYSTEM… NEEDS… YOUR… HELP. 

There’s a war in your body every second and you’ve got to win every time to stay healthy. The ‘bad guys’ need to win only once and it’s ‘game over.’ I know, it’s not fair… but you can give yourself a better chance of staying healthy by increasing your odds.

Improving your system to 100% with a reliable supplement is your best and only chance of increasing those odds. You’ll get plenty of amino acids to create plenty of glutathione. Just what the doctor ordered…

Take it to 100

Take it to 100

So you see, doing nothing is not an option. That’s just rolling the dice and hoping for the best. You willing to take that chance? NO!! You’re on this site because you want to improve your immune system. You want to have a strong immune system. You want repel diseases. You want to live a long life.


The questions on your mind are probably, “Can I really live longer and healthier?… and “Can I really make my immune system 100% strong”?  YES and YES… 



images (39)You afraid of dying early? Well, join the club. You’re one of millions that have the same doubt and fear every day… afraid you won’t make it to the end. But you can You can overcome those ugly thoughts and live with more confidence. You don’t have to die early.

All you have to do, besides strengthening your immune system, is eat your fruits and veggies, some exercise and a moderate lifestyle. That includes cutting out the ‘smokes’ and staying low on the alcohol. Small price to pay for living healthy, don’t you think?

For most of my life, I was afraid of dying early from disease… leaving my family behind, especially my kids and grand kids. So I boosted my download (6)immune system to full capacity to make sure I stick around, and I feel grateful because of my decision. 

Most of the time, when someone dies from cancer, heart attack, diabetes or whatever, all you hear is how ‘young’ they were. Yada, Yada, Yada. Want that said about you? Of course not, you want to learn how to grow old in healthy body. Living to a ripe ol’ age and being sick all the time is not for you. 

I’m 64 years old and I keep my immune system 100% strong by ‘feeding’ it every day. In fact, I haven’t caught a common cold in over 4 years and I plan to keep it that way by continuing to take my supplement every day.

Have you gone 4 years without catching a cold? Consider that your immune system is classified as weak if you catch more than 2 colds a year. Three or more and you’re in really bad shape. It’s a warning from your body that you’re not at full capacity. If that’s you, listen to your body and do something about it.

So, can you really live a long life? Sure, but only if you stay super healthy. And to stay super healthy your immune system must be 100% strong… which means glutathione must be inside every cell every day. The only way to do that is to ‘feed it’ the right foods! You’ll learn how in part 2.

It’s like giving gas to your car. You won’t be able to go far without enough gas. Your body is invaded by “bad guys” every nanosecond. Doesn’t it make sense to help your body create the glutathione (gas) it needs to produce a strong immune system (car) to keep you going far (longevity)? Absolutely. But most people don’t do it. That’s why they fall to illnesses. Don’t let that be you.


the right foods  = glutathione = strong immune system = live healthier = live longer


I love that equation. Put it up on the fridge. The ‘right foods’ are guaranteed to help your cells create glutathione and improve your immune system to maximum capacity. Science has proven that a healthy, strong immune system operating at 100% is the one you want.



And a strong immune system is what you need to fight the stress, chemicals, toxins, germs and viruses creeping up on you. But your defense system isn’t alone in that fight. It has you. But it needs you to feed it… as much as you need it to protect you. You feed it, it defends you.

You feed your ‘partner’ by giving it the 3 crucial amino acids. This enables your immune system to becomes stronger, more efficient and 100% armed and ready to fight for you

But this beneficial partnership doesn’t begin until you first give yourself those special amino acids. Yes, your immune system will take care of you… but only if you take care of it first. It’s how your body works. Don’t reinvent the wheel…

Your immune system has been there for you all this time but now you know that it needs to be a lot stronger as you get older. Now you must be there for it. Time isn’t on your side. For every second you live, you’re a second closer to death. You need to do whatever it takes to be prepared… and prolong your life.

And the best way to be prepared is to have a strong, responsive download (7)immune system standing guard AT ALL TIMES… ready to strike first.


That can only be achieved by providing your body the 3 amino acids that will make all the difference in the world. This isn’t magic. These are just chemical reactions your body needs to stay healthy. Nothing more…

So can you really create more glutathione to make your immune system more stronger?” Science says,

download (12)




Now, thanks to science, you can feed your immune system the 3 amino acids it needs to become 100% strong and disease-resistant.

Over 120,000 scientific studies, documented by PubMed and the National Institutes of Health, support the fact that you increase your chances of becoming disease-resistant only by having high levels of glutathione. Not low or medium… but 100% HIGH. 

To take your immune system to 100% will require a great deal of commitment and responsibility. You simply must stick with your decision to take your supplement everyday. Not doing so will be a waste of time and money.

There’s no sense in beginning it if you’re not going to stay with it. Consider that protecting just 99.99% of your 100 trillion cells would still leave a trillion cells unprotected. Can you see the importance of supplementation every day to reach your full capacity?images (10)

A trillion unprotected cells is a lot of cells. Even one is one too many. After all, for a disease to happen, it takes just one to become infected. It’s imperative that you supplement every day. Missing 1 day will drop your glutathione levels below 100%. It’s not where you want to be…

But be choosy, not every supplement is equal. Only 3 specific amino acids come together to create glutathione. You must make sure that the supplement you take has those 3 amino acids in sufficient quantities. Only then will you be able to create new glutathione to replace the spent glutathione and maintain you at full capacity. Remember, glutathione is used up as it protects you. You must create a new batch every single day. After all, your immune system doesn’t take the day off. Any supplement that doesn’t give you all 3 of these amino acids will do very little for you. Stay away from them.

Ok, now you know that glutathione’s biochemically created inside your cells and required by your immune system to keep you safe. You also know that you need to create new glutathione every day through the use of a supplement that contains the 3 building blocks.

For this supplementation to be effective and take you to full capacity, it must provide you the 3 amino acids needed to produce glutathione. Without them, it’s impossible to create enough of it, and your body won’t be able to produce the strong, responsive defense system you need to stay healthy.

Why take a supplement?… for the same reason you take vitamins. Food won’t give it all to you, so the only way to get them is through a supplement. You may think you’re eating ‘healthy’, but you’re not. Keep in mind, that a weak immune system will eventually fail you, no matter how ‘healthy’ you think you eat.

This is why hundreds of thousands of ‘healthy people’ die every year from diseases. Even though they ate ‘healthy’, the food didn’t give them what they needed to help them resist diseases. 

download (4)Disease sneaked in and put them in the grave. So you see, our food is slowly killing us by depriving us of the 3 amino acids we need for a strong defense.

It’s not about what you eat. You can eat ‘healthy’ all day. It’s about feeding your body the 3 amino acids needed to keep you 100% healthy and disease-resistant. You can eat ‘healthy’ but if your cells aren’t receiving these 3 amino acids, they’re open to infection. 


3 Amino Acids = Strong Immune System


Not giving yourself enough of these 3 amino acids will be your gravest mistake.download (11) Sooner or later, something ugly will break through and make your life miserable… health foods or not. It’s just a matter of time.

Nothing against health foods, but remember that having an immune system at 100% is your #1 priority to staying healthy and disease-free. Health foods and organics are great for you, but they’re not going to raise your glutathione levels to full capacity. Only a supplement can do that. Remember, if you’re not at full capacity, you’ll have billions of unprotected cells ripe for the “bad guys.”

You need to put these “bad guys” in the cross-hairs and get them before they get you. Only a strong and responsive immune system can do that. You have the opportunity to create one for yourself.



Your immune system is there to protect you from disease, but it can’t if you’re not giving it the right ‘food.’ You can’t fight the battles if your soldiers don’t have bullets. So, what are the ‘right foods?’ and how do you get them? Aha!

The right foods are… GLUTAMATE, GLYCINE and CYSTEINE. Without sufficient levels of these 3 amino acids, you won’t be able to create enough glutathione for your 100 trillion cells. 

 White Blood Cell

White Blood Cell

These are the only 3 amino acids, of the twenty you have, that combine inside your cells to produce the most powerful antioxidant in your body Glutathione.

Your immune system loves glutathione. It enables your tiny soldiers (white blood cells and killer T-cells, etc) to effectively kill the “bad guys.” Any cell missing any of these 3 amino acids will not be able to create glutathione and will remain unprotected. 


Glutathione is considered, by the scientific community, to be the most important antioxidant produced by your body and is known as the ‘Master Antioxidant.’ Over 120,000 clinical studies show that having ‘high levels’ of it is the only way to strengthen your immune system to the max and keep it on high alert.’


People believe they can get enough nutrition from their food. Wrong… our foods are a fairy tale… a big lie. They’re low on nutritional value and won’t provide your body with enough amino acids to keep you healthy. That’s not good… you don’t have high levels to begin with. You need more amino acids, not less. 

The government knows it, the medical community knows it, the food industry knows it, and ‘Big Pharma’ knows it. Every one but you… the every day Jack and Jill. Good health and longevity are not profitable to them as are the ‘big bucks’ in treating illnesses all over the world. So there’s no great push to educate the masses on the relationship between low glutathione in the body and illnesses that feast on those bodies.images (24)

Of course, your body will create glutathione with the amount it gets from food, but it’s not enough. Giving yourself a daily supplement that delivers glutamate, glycine and cysteine, to every cell in your body guarantees you get enough.

Sugars, processed foods, fast foods, tobacco, alcohol, chemical preservatives in foods and liquids also deplete g-levels because of oxidative stress. It’s not just germs and viruses. Oxidative stress (free radicals) is destructive to cells and medically linked to cancer, asthma, diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular diseases and premature aging, to name a few.

The more oxidative stress in your body, the more glutathione you need. The less glutathione, the more oxidation in your body and the greater the risk of illness. So in the long run, the more glutathione in your system, the better off you’ll be. But that’s a topic for another day…

download (3)What you need to know right now, is that all your cells need to create glutathione every day to protect themselves from disease and oxidative stress. YES, EVERY DAY… provide them with glutamate, glycine and cysteine

I hope you understand by now, that it’s impossible for every cell to create glutathione without sufficient amino acids available to them. There is a direct link between the amount of amino acids you give your body and the amount of glutathione produced. The more amino acids available, the more glutathione produced.  This relationship will exist until the day you die.



the more amino acids… the more glutathione… the healthier you’ll be…



“Hey, but I eat organic foods.” Yeah, well good luck with that. Again, eating them is healthy, but they won’t raise your glutathione levels to the max because you can’t get enough amino acids from them. And if you’re a vegan, it’s even more important that you supplement.

You’d have to eat tons of fruits, vegetables and raw meat every day, to get sufficient levels… not gonna happen. Like I said, the food is slowly killing us and the food industry doesn’t care about boosting your immune system. They’re only interested in boosting their bottom line $$$$$.

Your food is processed at the expense of these nutrients and they lose even more nutritional value when they’re cooked. So while they smell and taste great, you’re getting little nutrition back, which is why you need to make up the difference and fortify yourself.

download (13)I don’t know… maybe it’s me, but it just seems like the food and medical/pharmaceutical industries are working together to keep people in a ‘poor health cycle’ in order to reap billion$ in profits. “You feed, I heal, you heal, I feed.” It’s something to think about…

Anyway, the reality is that glutathione levels must be replaced every day to maintain full capacity. If you don’t, it will drop to inadequate levels and keeping you healthy and disease-free will be a challenge to your immune system. You need sufficient amounts of amino acids to produce glutathione for ALL your cells… every day. 


But, what is it about glutathione that makes it so valuable to your immune system? 

CHEMISTRY and SPEED… your system will respond to bacteria, viruses, toxins and other agents much faster and effectively when glutathione is images (33)abundant in your body. 

Imagine the crowd generated by a person handing out a million dollars. That person (germ) would be surrounded and become invisible in seconds.

Glutathione allows your white blood cells to communicate faster, multiply rapidly, quickly surround the ‘bad guys’ at first contact and kill them. That’s what you want from “first responders.” Quick action…


      Low glutathione = slow response      

High glutathione = faster response


Let’s face it, you and I live in a stressful and polluted world… bacteria, viruses, chemicals and toxins… all around us in our food, water and air.

Let’s talk about air for a minute. A major part of how healthy you are comes from how clean the air around you is. We all know it’s not.

Besides germs and viruses, there are thousands of invisible industrial toxins in the air. We inhale these toxins without thinking. Never in the world’s history has our air been so saturated with so many harmful chemicals that infiltrate our cells, make us miserable with illness and kill us with a horrible disease. Only a strong immune system operating at 100% gives us the chance to fight back.

You breathe 12-20 times per minute, so imagine the amount of poisons being sucked into your lungs and absorbed into your bloodstream every minute… every hour… every day… for years. These things build up inside you, doing damage you’re not even aware of. 

download (9)That’s one reason why people, who’ve never smoked a cigarette in their lives, develope and die of lung cancer. They breathed the carcinogen from the air, and it found a vulnerable cell to call ‘home.’

You can control what you eat and drink to a certain point, but there’s no way to control what you’re breathing, short of wearing a biohazard suit. You have to breathe. 

It’s as easy as walking on the sidewalk and breathing 43 known cancer-causing compounds in the cigarette smoke exhaled by the person 20 feet in front of you. These and over 4000 other invisible chemicals enter your body every second. 

These chemicals are known to cause cancer and other serious illnesses. Only an immune system at full capacity can give you the best chance to neutralize them. Can you think of a better reason to keep your immune system at 100%?

It’s important to remember that as your immune system defends you, it uses up glutathione, depleting it to lower levels. This is why you must reinforce it every day with the ‘3 amigos.’  Remember, you can be at 100% for months or even years, but as soon as you miss a day, you’ll be back below 100. So, daily reinforcement is key. 

Scientific studies show, that the higher the amino acids, the higher the glutathione levels. Eventually, supplementation will keep you at 100%… but you must take it every day.

That’s the commitment you must make to battle germs, viruses and toxins in your air, water and even food.

download (9)So now you know that your cells can be protected if there’s glutamate, glycine and cysteine inside them. As you know by now, not having enough will leave billions of cells unprotected and vulnerable.

You also know that only a reliable supplement will provide you with these 3 amino acids. Eating tons of food won’t raise anything but your weight. 


Having unprotected and vulnerable cells is just plain dangerous. It can allow something to get through and make you sick for the rest of your life. Ugly diseases start small, festering inside you without your knowledge.

Cancer for example, lives in you until it grows to a size where medical tests can finally detect it. Meanwhile, it’s been growing inside you for months or even years. By the time it’s discovered, it could be too late.

A strong immune system would quietly neutralize that cancer cell before it download (5)grows and does damage. You’d never know it. It works efficiently and quietly in the background, like your computers’ antivirus. You know how necessary and important that is, right?

So, understand that keeping your immune system super strong is also necessary, and the most important thing you must do if you want to enjoy a healthier life. If you don’t take care of it, don’t expect it to take care of you.

Speaking of cancer, every day hundreds of thousands of cancer cells roam throughout your body. I know it sounds terrifying, but the good news, as of right now, is that they’re neutralized by your amazing immune system. It does one hell of a job. Let’s keep it that way.

Feed it the “right stuff” every day and let your ‘best friend’ continue to amaze you. 

Don’t take the chance of one lousy disease ruining your life and the lives of your family. Keep your glutathione levels at the max to give you the strongest protection. 



The Grim Reaper is always on the prowl

The Grim Reaper is always on the prowl

So in conclusion…

If you want a healthier quality of life, you must raise and keep your glutathione levels at 100%.

But that can ONLY be done through a supplement that delivers sufficient quantities of glutamate, glycine and cysteine every day to every cell in your body.

It’s the ONLY way on the planet to get maximum protection… and live a healthier, longer and better life. But you know that now…

So, you’re either going to improve your immune system to 100% with a supplement or ignore what you’ve read and continue to live unprotected and take the risk of your life. 

An immune system at full strength will minimize the risks. If you do nothing, then you’re just inviting the Grim Reaper. No one to blame, but yourself…


Alright, you’re at the point where you know you need high levels of glutathione to be at full capacity. You also know you can’t create it unless you have high levels of glutamate, glycine and cysteine in your body. Since you can’t get them from food, how will you get them?

You get them the way hundreds of thousands of people and myself get them everyday. The easy, affordable, effective and scientifically proven way.



For over 4 years I’ve boosted my immune system with a specially formulated natural supplement called IMMUNOCAL, created 20 years ago by the Canadian company, IMMUNOTEC.

Yes, there are other supplements that claim to improve your immune system, but Immunocal is the only one backed by tons of research, medical publications and scientifically proven to provide these 3 amino acids straight to your cells

Not only is it guaranteed to work, but it’s the safest and best way to deliver glutamate, glycine and cysteine (the hardest one to get) to all your cells. Once inside, they’ll combine to create the most powerful and important antioxidant you have… glutathione. 

Your white blood cells will multiply quickly, defend you, neutralize the enemy, quickly and efficiently. And you’ll possess the strongest immune system possible.

This supplement is simple to prepare, effective, safe, natural, no drugs, no side effects… you can even give it to a child. That’s pretty safe. And because it’s patented, Immunocal is the only one of it’s kind in the world and the leader in safely raising glutathione levels to 100%. Like I mentioned, there are numerous supplements available. You’ll have to decide if this one is right for you.

glutamate + glycine + cysteine  = GLUTATHIONE

Decades of clinical studies and research have proven that nothing will raise your glutathione levels like these 3 natural amino acids coming together. Immunocal is guaranteed to deliver them straight to your cells in a unique and special way… a process legally protected by patent and backed by over 40 years of research.

It’s the foundation that will keep you healthy and lead you to a better life, as it’s done for me and hundreds of thousands. Keep in mind that you must boost your immune system because not improving it to 100% will lead to serious health problems, much sooner than later. You just never know when…

That’s why it’s imperative that you protect yourself with a supplement that will raise your g-levels to full capacity and improve your immune system to where it needs to be… at 100%. You’re been looking for something to fortify your immune system, right? Well, this is it.

“The Doctor’s Bible”


So how can we be so certain that Immunocal will raise your glutathione levels? The doctors’ ‘bibles’ my friend. These are the official publications doctors consult when prescribing treatments for their patients. Only treatments that have been scientifically proven to work are listed in these giant journals. They’re in every doctors’ office…

One such ‘bible’ is Health Canada’s Compendium of  Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS). It verifies that Immunocal provides the body with the glutamate, glycine and cysteine needed to create glutathione. That’s proof…

Here’s another… right here in the USA, the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR). It also verifies Immunocals’ ability to safely raise glutathione levels. It wouldn’t be in it if it wasn’t true. You can read it here.

images (19)Health Canada is the highest health authority in Canada, the same as images (20)the US Department of Health in the United States.

Immunocal is allowed to be listed in these prestigious publications only because it’s been medically proven to safely raise glutathione levels and strengthen the immune system to the max.

The ‘others’ aren’t listed because they don’t raise glutathione levels safely or as effectively. If it was that easy for them to be listed, they would’ve done so by now.

The CPS and the PDR are the highest official listings in these countries and trusted by medical professionals all over. Both publications explain how Immunocal works to build up your immune system and fight diseases.

Remember that Immunocals’ only function is to deliver glutamate, glycine and cysteine to your cells. Your body does the rest.

And, how do we know that our immune systems need th (32)high levels of glutathione? Over 120,000 clinical studies can’t be wrong. They prove you need it. These scientific studies, are published and documented through PubMed and the National Institutes of Health (part of the US Dept of Health).

They support the fact that super high levels of glutathione is absolutely necessary for your immune system to operate efficiently, healthy and avoid glutathione deficiency. Huh, what’s that?

Most serious diseases and chronically ill people are glutathione deficient. This means that their immune system has been functioning below 100% for years or decades. And you know what that means. They’ve been living with a weakened immune system and their cells have been easy targets for diseases and toxic build up. And that’s what happened… one cell got infected since it had no glutathione to defend it. It just takes one…

glutathione deficiency = weak immune system

images (35)YOU’RE GLUTATHIONE DEFICIENT because you’re not at full capacity. You’re going to be one or the other. Like I mentioned before, one way to tell is by how often you catch the common cold. Catch them frequently, more than 2 or 3 a year, and you’re deficient. But even if you don’t sneeze all year, it doesn’t mean you’re at 100%.

Providing your cells glutamate, glycine and cysteine every day is the best way to strengthen your immune system and become glutathione rich. If you don’t, you’ll remain glutathione deficient forever.

Many of the diseases on the hit list include cancers, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, bronchitis, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, emphysema, HIV/AIDS, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autism, cirrhosis, multiple sclerosis and many more. 

I hope, by now, that you realize the importance of this clinically proven supplement and how much you need Immunocal. It will provide you with sufficient amounts of glutamate, glycine and cysteine to keep your glutathione levels at 100%. GUARANTEED… 


The research has been done, documented and verified. You must have GLUTAMATE, GLYCINE, CYSTEINE and GLUTATHIONE all ‘working together’ to maintain the healthiest and strongest immune systems on earth. 


“But I don’t need a supplement. I take vitamins and antioxidants.” That’s fine, but have you ever wondered why you take vitamins in the first place? The simple reason is because you can’t get enough from the foods you eat. Same with those 3 amino acids.

Vitamins and other antioxidants are important to your health, but they won’t raise your glutathione levels to 100%. Only sufficient levels of glutamate, glycine and cysteine can do that. And since you can’t get them from the foods you eat, fuggedaboutit. You need a supplement that gives them to you.download (15)

It’s your immune system that will protect you. Antioxidants and vitamins are like the battleships that protect aircraft carriers, but it’s the carrier that deliver the jets (glutamate, glycine and cysteine) to the target area… your cells… all of them.

Your goal is to be at 100%… anything less will leave billions of cells and your life at risk. Boosting your immune system with Immunocal is the best way to supply these 3 necessary amino acids to all your cells. Guaranteed…


I’m 64 years old and I’ll take Immunocal everyday for the rest of my life because I enjoy living healthy and look forward to a long life. I see so many people in my age group, in terrible health, and I realize, how lucky I was to have found this lifesaver.

It completely changed my life and will change yours too. Now I live my life without worry and look forward to enjoying my family for a long time. I feel like I can live forever.

I call it ‘life insurance’, and at a cost of only 2.66 a day, it’s affordable. You spend more on coffee, soda and water. If you think that’s too much money to invest on your health, then this clearly isn’t for you.

You can’t take the money with you when you die, so you might as well spend some of it on your health and enjoy the rest. Look at it as an investment in your health. A few bucks a day to live longer, healthier and lead a better quality of life.  

I’m convinced that I made the right decision to increase my chances of a longer life and I look forward to enjoying my golden years, healthy and happy, with friends and family.


You’ll agree that the cost of keeping your system at 100% is low when compared to the priceless benefits of good health and long life.


My goal’s to live over a 100 years. I want to spend more special times with my friends and family. I want to enjoy my retirement for the rest of my life…HEALTHY, not all beat up and wasted. I want to see my grand kids and great grands grow up and have beautiful families of their own. So do you…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 20, 50, or 70. Science has proven that you desperately needs plenty of glutamate, glycine and cysteine to keep you healthy, disease-resistant and avoid glutathione deficiency. You can strive to be a hundred.

Think of all the time you’ll have, to do so many things you’ve always wanted to do… places you’ve always wanted to see.

And it all begins with giving yourself the gift of 3 special amino acids. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Still holds true today. It’s actually so much easier to stay healthy than to rebound from an illness later. So stay healthy my friend.


Since you’re still reading this article, it means that you’re interested in boosting your immune system. And that’s great, but are you just interested or are you committed to actually doing it. The committed, in this case, take action to change their lives by improving their immune systems, while the interested make excuses and continue living as they do every day. Sadly, they’re on the road to an early grave. And that’s ok if that’s what you want.

So now the question becomes, “Do you want to live healthier or do you want to die younger?” Hmmm… the committed want to live healthier and longer, so they take the next step to do something about it. What about you?

If you’re ready to make that change, then you’ll have to transform your immune system into something better than what you’ve got now. Remember… your Immune System, Glutathione and Immunocal are all connected with each other. One influences the other…

Re-read this article if you need to. I want you to understand the chemistry of why and how the 3 amino acids and glutathione work together to keep you healthy and alive. I hope this article has been informative and helpful in that respect. 

Yes, you need Immunocal, but don’t get it because I told you. Get it on the strength of real scientific evidence that’s been performed, documented and verified by the scientific community for over 40 years. You need to understand why you must improve your immune system before you start. It’s been weak for a long time and eventually will cease to fully protect you. You must make it stronger for your own survival.

concrete foundation

concrete foundation

Building a healthy foundation will be the smartest and most important health decision you’ll ever make to improve your quality of life. After all, you’re not getting any younger and now you know what happens as you get older.

Without a solid foundation a pretty house will fall. Likewise, your health needs to be built on the concrete foundation of GLUTATMATE, GLYCINE AND CYSTEINE or it too will fall. 


All you’ll need to do is to take a 10 gram packet of Immunocal every day, unless you already suffer from a little problem. In that case, you might need to take 2 or 3 packets daily. That can get a little expensive, so you can see why it’s best not to wait ’til it’s too late. 

It’s always better to start now while you’re healthy. The clock is ticking and the Grim Reaper is always looking for new faces. Don’t let it be yours. 

I hope you’ve understood everything you’ve read and how serious it is. This is your life we’re talking about. You still have time left on the clock but you need to start now to improve your health and become disease-resistant. Waiting won’t be in your best interest.

Thanks for letting me share my vision to empower people, like yourself, to build the strongest and most efficient immune systems on earth. My mission is to save as many lives as possible by making this free information available to anyone looking for it. 

Having reached the end of this long article, you have proven, that you definitely want to live healthier, longer and happier. Pursue it… don’t let anything or anyone sidetrack you… it’s within your reach but only you can grab it. The rest of your life is now in your hands. Don’t drop it


Cys +Gly+Glu = GSH

Understand what glutathione does for you, why you need it, what depletes it, how to increase it safely, naturally and why Immunocal is your best chance to create it.

It’s time for you to live right for the rest of it… After all, it’s your time…

I hope this message has hit ‘home’ and made you consider joining the hundreds of thousands who begin their day Immunocalized… and live healthier, longer and happier lives.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach me at Dex@livelonghealthy.net




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